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Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid
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It’s a well-known discovery of science that the human body naturally contains the negative Ions which helps in recreating and repairing the body cells and ultimately the tissues. But the elements present in the environment such as dust particles, microorganisms, and other similar things are known to be positively charged. And undeniably, like the magnet, opposite force attracts each other and our body pulls all these irritating elements toward itself which causes harmful effect to the body and surrounding. Not only that, but some household and workplace things like mobiles and computers are constant means of positive ions. Now you must be thinking how you can enhance the effect of these negative ions for our body and surroundings. And the answer is Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid, you can also call this a good negative ionizer. Buy 100% natural and best quality Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid online at
Height 60 - 70 mm
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These are special devices which generate negative ions. Utilizing them can help to adjust the positive and negative particles in your home or office. Till date, whoever used this device got surprised after feeling its amazing effect. Additionally, the device is quite attractive and beautiful, as you can see here. Each Orgone Pyramid vibrates at an exceptionally high level and remarkably increases the atmosphere and shields from stress, negative energy, and electromagnetic radiation. It accelerates the energy flow in our bodies and works as the preventative medicine. The orgone can be put under your bed, on your end table, to help with a sleeping disorder and rest better. Keeping them in your wallet is another wonderful way to attract positive energy wherever you are. Please do feel free to mail us at for more details.

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