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We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter of Orgone Products globally. We work in close conjunctions with our prestigious clients and our efforts are always to be and make a genuine and honest deal.

With our honest and sincere efforts to develop close tie-ups with various leading associations, we wish to see a lucrative future for our customers. We, therefore, are on the road of expanding our tentacles to a bigger and better horizon. At every moment, we tend to compete with our own selves so as to cater to the needs of our warm customers.

Our basic idea is not only making a business and earn profit out of it, but also to spread knowledge and awareness around the world about the real meaning and value of these beautiful OrgoneProducts. They have the power and energy to make you and your life, including your surroundings, a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous one.

The beauty of ORGONE is that it can be combined with various terminologies like Reiki, Usui, Karuna, Earth Elements, Arch Angel, Chokurei, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Pendulum Therapy, Massage Ball Therapy, Vastu Therapy, Chakra Sanskrit Therapy, Generator Effects, Merkaba Sets, Healing with Massage Sticks and Wands. Orgone gives huge boost while working with above terms using gemstones and semiprecious stones. It works faster and better giving amazing benefits to human body compared to working with normal gemstones.

Let orgone help calm your ever-increasing stressful environment, whether it is home, work or school. Not only are they beautiful but they're also a powerful tool to help physically, mentally and spiritually enhance your life and noticeably reduce negative energy.


Some of our Top Sellers are:

  • Orgone Pyramids
  • Orgone Baby Pyramid Sets
  • Orgone Pendulums
  • Orgone Pendants
  • Orgone Healing Sticks
  • Orgone Chakra Stick
  • Orgone Faceted Wand
  • Orgone Smooth Wand
  • OrgoneMerkabas
  • Orgone Bowls
  • Orgone Generators
  • Orgone Sphere or Orgone Balls
  • OrgoneVastu Plates
  • Orgone Cones
  • Orgone Antennas
  • Orgone Resonators
  • Orgone Cloud Busters
  • Orgone ReikiUsui Sets
  • Orgone Chakra Sets
  • Orgone Pyramids with Engraving
  • Orgone Cupcakes

Our Other Products are:

Chakra Products like Chakra Pendulums, Chakra Bracelets, Chakra Reiki Stones Sets, Chakra Massage Wands, Metal Chakra Pendants, Flat Chakra Pendants, Chakra Stones, Reiki Stones. Other beautiful products are as follows:

Healing Stone Sets – set of 8 stones RudrakshaMalas Arrowheads Gemstone Bowls Gemstone Trees Gemstones Mortar & Pestles Rune Stones Chakra Tumbled Stones Thumb Stones & Worry Stones Geodes & Crystal Stones Gemstone Balls & Spheres Magical Massage Wands Combinations Engraved Reiki Chakra Stone sets Chakra Pyramid Generator Flourite Pendulums Chakra Pendants Chakra Merkaba Sets Handmade Jewelleries Basalt Massage Stone Sets Spinning Merkaba Pendulums Healing Stick Shiva Lingams in Narmada Stones Tingsha Chimes Dowsing & Healing Pendulums Brass Metal Idols Wooden Letter Openers Donut Stones Obelisks Incense Box & Holders Tibetan Singing Bowls Radionic Kit Sacred Geometric Sets Pyramid Generators Cage Pendulums Karuna Reiki Sets Reiki Symbol 4 stone sets Pearls Jewellery Sets Crystal Skulls Quartz Crystal Sri Yantra Acupressure Mats Tibetan Healing Wands Merkaba Pendants Wand with Angels VishwaVajra Double Dorje Vajra or Dorje Twin Pendulum Spinning Merkaba & Trophy Pendulum Skull Generator Shree Yantra Generator Shiva Lingam Pendulums Rosewood Healing Stick Multicolored Pyramids Puffy Hearts Pranic Crystal Disintegrator Phurba Pentagram & Cone Pendulum Herkimer Ball Pencil Pendulum Flat & Faceted Cabachones Egyptian Pendulums Bullet Pendulums Crystal Diamond Pendulum Bonded Shiva Eyes Ball & Pyramid Stick Agate Slices Gemstones Crucifixes & Crosses Gemstones, Precious / Semiprecious Stones Jewellery Sets Fashion & Trendy Stones Jewellery Gold Plate Agate Pendants Gemstone Angels Archangel Sets 5 Element Sets Ying Yang Sets Brazilian Cube Azurite African Amethyst Points Sea Shell Oyster Cinnabar Amethyst Cave Clusters Moldavite Tektite Orthoceras Fossil Pendants Donut Stones Chakra Banners Gemstone Bracelets Gemstone Eggs Gemstone Lingams Gemstone Buddha Gemstone Ganeshji Gemstone Shivaji Gemstone Skulls Gemstones Trees Rough Gemstones 5 Stone Geometry Set with box 7 Stone Geometry Set with box Gemstone Tower Gemstone Wands Gemstone Obelisk Gemstone Stick Tibetan Mini Wands Rosewood Sticks Gemstone Education Towers Usui Engraved Gemstone Tower Rune Engraved Wands Chakra Min Wands Angel Carved Wands Ganeshji Carved Sticks Himalayan Rock Salt Products Gemstone Usui Sets Gemstone Karuna Sets Gemstone Reiki Sets Gemstone Merkaba Crystal Natural Points Usui Engraved Gemstone Balls Usui Engraved Gemstone Eggs Gemstone Chakra Bonded Balls and Eggs Gemstone Chakra Jumbo Obelisks Gemstone Angel Sets Gemstone Pranic Items Hexagon Pyramids Palm Stone Sets Oval Stone Sets Ball Therapy Sets Crystal Therapy Sets Double Terminated Points Set Chakra Merkaba Stick Basalt Sanskrit Stone Sets White Quartz Round Chakra Disc Sets Reiki Master Sets Gemstone for Pets Gemstone Diamonds Crystal Quartz Jaladhari or Yoni Crystal Star of David Crystal Quartz 12 Point, 14 Point, 20 Point Star Crystal Lingum Cut Star Crystal Tortoise Crystal Conch Lapis Dorje Lapis Phurba Chakra Massage Wand Set Chakra Sanskrit Hot Stone Set Chakra Worry Stone Set Chakra Plain Disc Set Chakra Decahedron Set 7 Chakra Lemurian Pyramid Set Chakra Double Point Set Gemstone Zodiac Set Crystal Wiccan Energy Set Reiki Wish Box Shaligrams VastuNabhiYantra Gemstone Prayer JapaMalas Rudraksha, Tulsi and Sandalwood Malas Tumbled Stones Indian Gemstones Nepal Tibetan Products Turquoise Stone Sets

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