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1 inch
60 - 70 mm
7 Merkaba Set

Orgone Merkaba

Orgone is the creative natural energy which is also known as Prana, Aether etc. This energy is always present in our surrounding but sometimes it is in neutral form, sometimes in positive (POR=positive energy) or mostly in negative (DOR = deadly energy) form. While in the positive state, this Orgone energy enables the human being to stay in healthy state but because of larger emission of negative vibes, it is impossible to stay positive always and here we need some specific device to keep yourself and surrounding healthy, happy and joyful. One of this orgone product is Orgone Merkaba which is a star shaped device offered exclusively by OrgoneIndia For the betterment of human being.

What is the Meaning of Merkaba?

The Merkaba is a counter-pivoting field of light produced from the turning of particular geometric structures that influences the body and spirit of people. It is a type of vehicle that can help mind, body, and soul to get to and encounter different planes of reality or possibilities of life. It helps you to be responsive to higher direction. Merkaba means ancient which carries vital energy for Spiritual transformation. An Orgone Merkaba Star is a healing crystal which is a tool meant for individuals ascension. "Mer" implies Light. "Ka" implies Spirit. "Ba" implies Body. Thus, buy Orgone Merkaba and enhance your overall life condition.

The Jet International, a sister concern of, is the premium Manufacturer and supplier of Metaphysical, Chakras, Feng Shui, etc Healing gemstone items.

We are passing our expertise and knowledge from generation to generation. Our gemstones are completely genuine and made without any alteration and have the power to change your life in a positive manner. We offer a strict Quality Check on our Products and every item is QC passed before conclusive Packing. Our items are made by International Standards. So, the Merkaba Star is able to create wonders in your life.

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