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Orgone Chakra Set - Oval
Orgone Chakra Set - Oval 2
Orgone Chakra Set - Round
Oval Sanskrit Engraved Orgone Chakra Stone Set
Orgone Chakra Set - Round 2
Oval Sanskrit Engraved Orgone Chakra Stone Set 2

Orgone Chakra Set

Orgone energy can be described as the life force energy which is present everywhere, in nature. This energy, as per research is capable of healing the sickness make the body function more affecting etc. In spite of being present everywhere, Reich discovered that this vital energy needs to be concentrated more wisely and for better effects, the Orgone products were being created since then. A similar product is Orgone Chakra Set which is a set of 5 Gemstone offered by Orgone India/Jet International. All these chakras resemble our body’s energy centers. They all are capable of absorbing and distributing life energy and control a person energy flow. 

Impact of Chakras on Our Life

Have you ever thought that we the human beings are the house of limitless energy then why we face problems in almost all aspects of life such as career, finances, relationships and all other? And the main culprit is the poor functionality of our own chakras. If the flow of energy between chakras are poorly connected, our complete personality faces problems. And here you can feel the power of these chakra set. These are fabulous vitality pieces and combine the energy of Lemurian Pyramid Plates with the vibration of a cube. All these different combinations of chakra sets are having great healing capacities. All these Orgone chakras create matrixes which cleanse our surrounding effectively. For positivity, peace, and happiness bring home these Orgone Chakra Stones for Healing today and lead a prosperous life.

More Information

The Orgone Chakras are available in colors like Yellow, Turquoise, Fuschia, Selenite, Amazonite and Sunstone. The Energy loaded chakra set offered by Jet International is of the unique type in term of effects either at home or in office. This works effectively for the restoration of harmony in body, mind, and spirit. These chakras actually create a blanket outside your living areas for avoiding any negative effects, may occur due to different causes. The Jet International is making and selling these products for the betterment of society and human being and not only the sole purpose of money making. Thus, visit the website,, and grab this product today.

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