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Orgone Merkaba Pyramid
Baby Pyramid
60 - 70 mm
5 Inch
Mix Sizes
7 Baby Pyramid Sets (20 - 25 mm)
9 Baby Pyramid Sets (20 - 25 mm)

Orgone Pyramid

We all are aware that the stress creates negativity in our surrounding and also that human being can’t get or stay away of getting stressed. This negativity has a harsh impact on people’s life. Keeping the same view in mind, the OrgoneIndia has brought one of the product into the market for solving the issues related to negative energy. The incredible product is known as “Orgone Pyramid”. The pyramids help in healing the physical and mental issues usually caused due to distress. The product is a great device created typically for absorbing the negative, unbalanced energy from home or office. So, basically, the Orgone Pyramid is made to handle the people who are under extreme.

Why Should one Buy Orgone Pyramid?

For the clearance of energy blockages and healing them in spiritual form, the company has introduced this product. So, for creating a more joyful and harmonious life, improving relationship by flushing out the unobstructed energy flow. Thus, buy the Orgone Pyramid from and enhance your life and surrounding in a positive manner.

Features and Benefits of Orgone Technology

The Orgone Pyramid is a Spiritual device which is being used to enhance every aspect of life including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In practical, these are the transmitters of Universal Light Energy and has the capacity to automatically transform negative energy into positive energy. The Orgone or Orgonite Pyramid is fundamentally a substance which works as self-propelled, constant working, with the expansion of exuding the vitality of a set goal.

Below mentioned are some vital benefits of Orgone Pyramids

  • Mental and physical stress reliever 
  • Increases spirituality 
  • Helps in creating harmonious environment both at home and office
  • Protect you from absorbing negative energies
  • Help to clear emotional and energetic obstructions 

Why OrgoneIndia?

We, the Orgone India, are the Gujarat-based company which became the global industrial hub for different sectors including Gemstones and Semi-precious Stones and spiritual stones. One of our sister concern, the JET INTERNATIONAL ( is dealing in exclusive Orgone Products. Orgone is a combination of organic and inorganic matter and actually the universal life force. The company is quite young but the products are manufactured since long. The success can only be created by following the basic values and fundamentals of life. Our family members are quite religious and spiritual.

We always try to create a long-term relationship with the customer with excellence on both the professional and personal level. Our only vision is to see the growth of each individual and seeing them creating the real success stories. And thus, we have introduced the Orgone Products globally for a betterment of mankind.

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